Influenza resources and links for health professionals

2019 flu vaccine campaign

Emergency Departments and General Practice

The Guideline for Emergency Departments and General Practice flowchart (PDF 68KB) guides you through the clinical and public health management for people with influenza. Important infection control measures are also provided within this flowchart.

Residential Care Facilities

The Guideline for Influenza Outbreak Prevention and Management in Residential Care Facilities in South Australia (PDF 50KB) provides information on how to:

  • prepare for an influenza outbreak
  • manage a suspected outbreak of influenza
  • manage a confirmed outbreak of influenza


Influenza Immunisation Program

For information on funded influenza programs, including the State funded program and National Immunisation Program, visit the 2019
Influenza Immunisation Program page.

For resources to support the influenza program visit the Immunisation resources page.

Patient fact sheets

Information on influenza (seasonal) designed for patients.


Public Health Alerts issued by SA Health


Wash, Wipe, Cover, SA Health

Infection Control, SA Health

Immunisation Section, SA Health

Emergency Management, SA Health

Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing

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