Stewardship and governance for the blood sector

Stewardship in the context of the blood sector means responsible, sustainable and appropriate use of blood and blood products.

To support this, SA Health has developed a mandatory Blood Supply Stewardship Policy Directive (PDF 356KB) based on the National Stewardship Statement principles (below).This policy directive is applicable to all SA Health services that receive blood and blood products, including, but not limited to hospitals, health centres, SA Pathology and SA Ambulance Service.Adoption of the principles is also recommended to private sector health services that receive blood and blood products.

National Stewardship Statement

Australian Health Ministers endorsed the Statement of National Stewardship Expectations for the Supply of Blood and Blood Products ("the Statement"). This Statement aims to achieve a blood supply that can meet the growing needs of an ageing population at an affordable cost.

National Blood Authority

The National Blood Authority (NBA) was created by all Australian Governments to manage national planning and purchasing of blood and blood products. See the NBA's website for information on national blood arrangements.

Role of the SA Department for Health and Ageing

Together with the other signatories to the National Blood Agreement, the South Australian Government, through the Department for Health and Ageing, is responsible for:

  • establishing the policy framework and specific policies relating to the national blood supply
  • oversight of the NBA’s management of the blood supply
  • fostering the development and implementation of best practice systems to promote efficient use and minimal wastage of blood and blood products
  • provision of information in relation to demand for blood and blood products
  • facilitating the management of local issues, including those involving clinical practice
  • funding the State Government’s 37% contribution for blood and blood products provided to the public and private health sectors in South Australia.

Governance committees

The South Australian Department for Health and Ageing meets its responsibilities through membership of the Jurisdictional Blood Committee for national issues and at a State level through the Blood Management Council. State-based clinical groups advise and monitor supply requirements for fresh products, plasma derived products and recombinants. For more details see:


For further information or enquiries please contact Blood, Organ and Tissue Programs on (08) 8463 6197.

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