Iron disorder resources for GPs

General Practitioners (GPs) play a central role in the identification, diagnosis and management of patients with iron disorders.  This page has been established to assist with this.

Please click on the links below for resources on:

Iron deficiency

Diagnosis, investigation and management of iron deficiency:

Oral iron

Parenteral iron

IV iron

Intramuscular (IM) Iron (not recommended)

Although IM injection of iron is effective, it is painful, associated with permanent skin staining and no safer than IV infusion. Its use is therefore discouraged unless other approaches cannot be practically delivered (eg, when parenteral iron is indicated in remote settings). 

S Pasricha et al; Diagnosis and management of iron deficiency anaemia: a clinical update on Iron; MJA 2010.


  • Fatigue – a rational approach to investigation (Australian Family Physician, July 2014) – contains an algorithm for investigation of fatigue.

High ferritin

  • Elevated serum ferritin – what should GPs know? (Australian Family Physician, December 2012) – contains an algorithm for investigation and management of elevated serum ferriten in general practice.


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