Guidelines and standards relating to blood

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards: Standard 7 – Blood and Blood Products

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) has developed National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. One of the ten standards focuses on blood and blood products (Standard 7).

Standard 7 was developed to ensure that patients receive blood and blood products appropriately and safely. This includes:

  • Governance and systems for blood and blood product prescribing in clinical use
    Health organisations have systems in place for the use and appropriate prescribing and clinical use of blood and blood products.
  • Documenting patient information
    The clinical workforce accurately records a patient’s blood and blood product transfusion history and indications for use of blood and blood products.
  • Managing blood and blood products safely
    Health service organisations have systems to receive, store, transport and monitor wastage of blood and blood products safely and efficiently.
  • Communicating with patients and carers
    Patients and carers are informed about the risks and benefits of using blood and blood products, and the available alternatives when a plan for treatment is developed.

The SA Health Blood and Blood Products Accreditation Resource (PDF 1159KB) has been developed to support Health Service and provides examples of South Australian tools and resources that can be used to demonstrate an action and standard has been met.

The BloodSafe website also has a range of tools available to assist clinicians and other involved in the handling, prescribing and administration of blood and blood products.

National Clinical Practice Guidelines: Patient Blood Management Guidelines

The National Blood Authority is funding and managing the development of six modules as part of comprehensive, evidence-based, Patient Blood Management Guidelines. To date five modules have been released:

  • critical bleeding / massive transfusion
  • perioperative
  • medical
  • critical care
  • obstetrics and maternity
  • neonatal and paediatrics

For more information on how the Department for Health and Ageing is supporting patient blood management in SA, please go to the Patient Blood Management (PBM) page.

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