Questionnaire for those treated under the Nationally Funded Centres Program

The Patient and Family Questionnaire (the questionnaire) is provided to all patients (and their families or carers), treated under the Nationally Funded Centres (NFC) Program to ensure continuous improvement and development of the NFC Program.


The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather the views and feelings of patients and their families about the care they received under the NFC Program and to assess whether the best possible care is being provided.

If patients and their families have concerns about the care being provided, the information they provide will be used to determine what aspects of the NFC Program require improvement to provide better care in the future.

Distribution of the questionnaire

  • the questionnaire is provided to the patient/family on discharge from treatment under the NFC Program
  • participation is voluntary
  • the questionnaire can be completed by the patient and members of the patient’s family or the patient's carer
  • two copies of the questionnaire are provided to each patient/family
  • additional copies of the questionnaire can be accessed from this site
  • the questionnaire is distributed with a prepaid return envelope to be completed and returned by the patient/family
  • the questionnaire can also be completed online instead of in hard copy and can be accessed at the following link: Nationally Funded Centres Program Patient and Family Online Questionnaire

Assistance with translating or interpreting the questionnaire

  • the NFC Program can provide assistance for patients and/or family members by translating the questionnaire into another language or by arranging access to interpreting services
  • the NFC site should advise their jurisdictional NFC Reference Group member (refer to the Nationally Funded Centres sites page for contact details) when they become aware that support will be required for a particular patient and/or their family and should liaise with the patient and/or family to identify whether translating or interpreting services would best meet their needs.

Collection of questionnaire data

  • the questionnaire is posted to the NFC Secretariat using the prepaid envelopes or accessed received by the NFC Secretariat using the online portal
  • data collected from the questionnaire will remain with the NFC Secretariat on behalf of the NFC Reference Group
  • responses and comments kept anonymous unless the respondent requests otherwise
  • questionnaire data will be reported to the NFC Reference Group on an annual basis.

Use of questionnaire data

questionnaire data that identifies where and how quality of service delivery can be improved will be forwarded to sites hosting relevant NFC Programs.

The NFC Reference Group will monitor any changes resulting from analysis of the questionnaire.

The NFC Secretariat can be contacted for assistance in completing the questionnaire.

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