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The NFC Patient and Family Questionnaire can now be completed online

The NFC Patient and Family Questionnaire can now be completed online: 
Nationally Funded Centres Program Patient and Family Online Questionnaire

For more information on the NFC Patient and Family Questionnaire refer to the dedicated page at this website.

If you would like help completing this questionnaire, or if you would prefer to receive the questionnaire in a language other than English, please feel free to contact the NFC Secretariat on (08) 8226 6993 or by email at

New guidance documents for the Nationally Funded Centres Program

A new version of the Nationally Funded Centres Guidance document was approved by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council in October 2015. The NFC Guidance document (October 2015) reflects, among other things, the outcome of a detailed review of the NFC costing pro forma. It has also been developed in three distinct parts, firstly to target the needs of existing NFC providers and managers separately from the needs of proposed NFC providers. The final part then provides a detailed costing pro forma and associated guidance for pricing a technology under the NFC Program, which may be used by both existing and proposed NFC providers.

The full NFC Guidance document_Parts 1, 2 & 3 (October 2015) (PDF 785KB) can be viewed or in individual parts on the NFC Home Page under ‘Related Resources’, as follows:

If you require any further information about this matter or the NFC Program generally, please contact Margaret Klass, Manager, NFC Secretariat at or via telephone on 08 8226 6993.

Assistance with translating or interpreting the NFC Patient and Family Questionnaire

  • The NFC Program can provide assistance for patients and/or family members by translating the questionnaire into another language or by arranging access to interpreting services.
  • The NFC site should advise their jurisdictional NFC Reference Group member (refer to the Nationally Funded Centres sites page for contact details) when they become aware that support will be required for a particular patient and/or their family and should liaise with the patient and/or family to identify whether translating or interpreting services would best meet their needs.

Hospitals Principal Committee Review of the NFC Program

Ernst and Young have been engaged to undertake a Review of the NFC Program. This will include a review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the NFC Program with particular reference to:

  • the extent to which the NFC Program is meeting its objectives as articulated in the NFC Guidance document (October 2015);
  • the suitability of NFC Program governance arrangements and broad processes in terms of meeting these objectives; and
  • the suitability and sustainability of jurisdictional funding arrangements.

Ernst and Young is working with the NFC Secretariat and the HPC Secretariat to ensure the successful delivery of the project. There will be extensive consultation with key stakeholders.

The final report is expected by June 2017.


For more information contact:


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