Nationally Funded Centres reviews

The Nationally Funded Centres (NFC) Reference Group will recommend to the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council (AHMAC) the commissioning of a review of all NFCs three years after initial establishment. After the initial review, future reviews will normally also be every three years but may vary, subject to AHMAC approval.

The NFC Reference Group may request a review be undertaken before the three-year review process or longer than the three-year period (up to a maximum of five years), in certain circumstances, subject to AHMAC approval.

Possible recommendations

The possible recommendations from a review will be to:

  • continue the existing activities of the NFC at a reduced, equal or increased level for a further defined period with a further review to be conducted at the end of the period
  • decrease the number of NFCs providing the service
  • increase the number of NFCs providing the service
  • cease NFC status effective by 30 June in the next calendar year from the date of the decision.

Refer to Nationally Funded Centres Guidance (PDF 252KB) for more information.

Current reviews

  • Hospitals Principal Committee Review of the NFC Program

Past reviews

Copies of earlier reviews can be obtained by contacting the Nationally Funded Centers Secretariat.

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