Annual reporting on Nationally Funded Centres

Nationally Funded Centre (NFC) sites are required to provide annual reports by mid-July each year and report on the following:

  • patient numbers and demographics
  • patient outcomes specific to, and as agreed, for individual NFCs
  • quality and safety indicators
  • an update on the status of the technology (nationally and internationally)
  • cost measurement
  • progress on any NFC review recommendations related to the specific NFC
  • activity plan for the upcoming financial year.

The annual reports inform decision making as to the ‘eligible’ number of patients payable for each NFC. Other factors considered in determining appropriate allocations include improving patient access and maintaining sufficient throughput at existing NFC units to ensure maintenance of skills and efficiency in service provision.

When sites are approved by the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council (AHMAC), the NFC Reference Group will consult with new sites to agree on performance criteria as the basis for reporting and action plans.

Refer to Nationally Funded Centres Guidance (PDF 252KB) for more information.

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