Police Drug Diversion Initiative (PDDI)

The Police Drug Diversion Initiative (PDDI) diverts people detected by the police for simple possession drug offences to a health intervention instead of the justice system.

Drug and Alcohol Services SA is responsible for the statewide coordination of the PDDI program and supporting clinicians and health workers in administering the program.

How to become an approved PDDI worker

To apply to become an approved PDDI worker, complete the Application for Approval:

Only staff within PDDI Accredited non-government agencies are eligible to apply

(Please scan and return this signed application form with a copy of the applicant's current curriculum vitae.)

Administering the PDDI

The following resources are required for administering the PDDI:

Email activity and financial reports to the Departmental Liaison Officer

Contact details

Contact the relevant person below, for matters that relate to:

Service agreements

Manager, Non-Government Programs, Drug and Alcohol Services SA
Telephone: (08) 7425 5000

Activity and financial reporting

Departmental Liaison Officer, Drug and Alcohol Services SA
Telephone: (08) 7425 5000

Accessing clinical support

Alcohol and Drug Information Service
Telephone: 1300 13 1340

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