SA Mental Health Training Centre now online

As a direct result of the impact that COVID-19 has had on face to face gatherings and education delivery, SA Mental Health Training Centre (SAMHTC) has now increased its capability beyond our traditional way of face to face delivery (classroom face to face) to online live video streaming.

What does this mean?

Our existing courses as well as newer ones have been customised to a live video streaming format which is now available. You will be able to select if you intend attending via face to face or zoom.  

This ‘real time’ training and education has been developed to continue to promote, engage, and inform our SA Health and related workforce drawing on content from our suite of programs as well as understanding how we can help others through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Enrolment process

Enrolments in our live streamed events will follow the same current steps used for our face to face training workshops.  An online enrolment form will be required.  This process has not changed.

Each participant will be now required to to select their desired attendance method. If you prefer a Zoom session, learners will receive email notification of acceptance into the program along with a link to the ‘virtual classroom’ for the day of the program.   This link will only be applicable to the specific program you have enrolled in. 

Further information

Should you require any further information we can be contacted on