Mental Health Phase of Care training course

Suitable for all mental health clinicians

3 ½  hour Zoom or face to face course.

Facilitated by SA Mental Health Training Centre. See Mental health training calendar page for workshop dates.

Workshop aims

This training provides an opportunity for mental health professionals across mental health services to gain an understanding of the Mental Health Phase of Care (MH PoC).   Mental health phase of care is defined as the “primary goal of care that is reflected in the consumer’s mental health treatment plan at the time of collection and captures the next stage in the patient’s care”.

There are five possible phases of care:

  • assessment only
  • acute
  • functional gain
  • intensive extended
  • consolidating gain.

To facilitate the collection and reporting of Phase of Care, it has been linked to the NOCC data set, in particular the HoNOS and replaces the Focus of Care.

Learning outcomes

The Session will include:

  • clinical training in rating the Phase of Care
  • an understanding of its potential application to MH casemix funding
  • future developments