Allied health research collaboration funding

Excellence in allied health research is essential and underpins the provision of high quality health care and evidence-based practice for all South Australians.

In order to promote research that improves patient outcomes, the University of South Australia (UniSA) and The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) provide research grant funding, in collaboration with the Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO) for eligible Allied Health Professionals in South Australia.

2021 Allied Health Collaborative Funding round


As part of a collaboration between the Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO), The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) and The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research Enterprise at UniSA, we are pleased to have offered allied health specific research funding in 2021.  Applications closed Friday 24 September 2021 and successful applications were announced Friday 15 October 2021

2021 successful collaboration funding scheme applicants

Thank you to all applicants and their managers for acknowledging the importance of research in the continuous improvement of patient outcomes and health service delivery. On behalf of our UniSA and THRF partners ASHO is pleased to congratulate the recipients of Allied Health Collaborative Research Grants in 2021:

Co-designing a mental health employment program with individuals who experience borderline personality disorder
Suzanne Dawson, Chris Smith, Adrian Leet, Ottavia Edwards, Dr Jocelyn Kernot, Dr Amy Baker, A/Professor Melissa Petrakis, Dr Candice Oster

Implementing group telehealth in a rehabilitation setting (telerehabilitation): exploring change of practice
Tamina Levy, Jill Garner, Shannon Cheary, Rhiannon Hughes, Emma Mills, Nicole Prideaux, Adrian Cowling, Professor Susan Hillier

Investigating the predictors for hospitalisation in adults who present to the emergency department with non-specific low back pain: a mixed methods research
Joseph Orlando, Matthew Beard, Dr Saravana Kumar, Esther Tian

Implementation of a pharmacist led, user-centred vancomycin dosing calculator for high-risk haematology patients in a real-world setting
Stephanie Reuter-Lange, Philip Selby, Lisa Paradiso, Caitlin Wallace, Mardi Wills, Dr Matthew Roberts, Dr Emily Rowe, Dr Renjy Nelson, Dr David Yeung, A/Professor Peter Bardy, Dr Sherilyn Wong, Dr Andrew Andrade, Professor Libby Roughead

Screening and Intervention for Patients with Sarcopenia on an Inpatient Rehabilitation Ward Cassandra Lawless, Alexandra Day, Tony Hewitt, Dr Alison Hill

Simplifying medicines for older South Australians discharged to residential aged care or multi-purpose services
Janet Sluggett, Sally Marotti, Karen Macolino, Vincent Senatore, Raymond Skinner, Jane Harding, Angela Cole, Tessa Lane, Professor Deb Rowett, Dr Dirk Hofmann

Evaluation of energy requirements in pressure injures and necrotizing fasciitis using indirect calorimetry
Sara Dowling, Emma Clover, Jessica Gauro, Rochelle Kurmis, Miranda Green, Tabatha Rando, A/Professor Marcus Wagstaff, Dr Alison Hill

2020 successful collaboration funding scheme applicants

The effect of skill based swallowing therapy using BiSSkiT program on the power and precision of swallowing skills and quality of life for adults with dysphagia
Dianna Burchell, Samantha Hosking, Maria Kambanaros

What are the impacts of implementing the Living in the Community Questionnaire for consumers and mental health professionals?
Suzanne Dawson, Alison Pickering, Rebecca Langman, Meridee Evans, Jocelyn Kernot, Jessica Muller, Sharon Lawn

Realist evaluation of a multidisciplinary Rapid In-reach Service intervention for people with Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in rural residential aged care facilities
Dan Donaghey, Bronwyn Anderson, Adrian Leet, Angela Berndt, Ben Sellar, Katherine Baldock, Jocelyn Kernot

A qualitative assessment of the experiences of South Australian health care professionals and patients involved in telehealth services for patients with diabetes-related foot complications
Kristin Graham, Rob Fitridge, Cathy Loughry, Neil McMillan, Kate Gunn

Putting PREP into Practice: Evaluating & adapting an algorithm for predicting stroke recovery
Brenton Hordacre, Matthew Gliddon, Fern McKinnel, Georgie Tucker, Rachel Dempsey, Rachel Harling, Susan Hillier, Jeric Uy

A mixed methods research on the impact of physiotherapy-led virtual clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Mark Jarrett, Matthew Beard, Sooraj Venugopalan, Saravana Kumar, Esther Tian, Julie Walters

Redesign of non-urgent outpatient services across metropolitan SA Health sites
Duncan Lodge, Matthew Beard, Nicole Elkins, Stacey George, Jeroen Hendriks, Saravana Kumar, Jonathan Karnan, Jane Bickford

Dietician-first function gastrointestinal disorders clinic: feasibility study examining cost utility and patient reported outcomes of a new dietetic treatment paradigm
Samantha Plush, Alice Day, Robert Bryant, Saravana Kumar