Allied and scientific health standards and guidelines

The Allied and Scientific Health Office (ASHO) supports the redesign of models of care and workforce skill-mix in order to improve access to appropriate services in a cost-effective manner. This includes the provision of:

  • opportunities for health practitioners to work to their full scope of practice (including advanced clinical practice) and extended scope of practice in appropriate contexts
  • mechanisms to achieve effective delegation and support better use of the allied health workforce including recently completed work by:
  • an integrated education, training and clinical governance strategy to support the effective introduction and integration of new roles
  • services through use of technology to enhance service delivery
  • ensuring that allied and scientific health professional maintain quality in their care delivery, constantly evidencing and evaluating their practice and being guided by relevant clinical research, guidelines and standards.

Clinical Governance Framework for Allied Health Professionals

The Clinical Governance Framework for Allied Health Professionals (PDF 2MB) describes the minimum clinical governance expectations to assure the delivery of allied health services that are safe, effective, high quality and continuously improving. The framework provides direction for the allied health workforce to enable safe and effective work, underpinned by the values of SA Health.

Menu and nutritional standard for public hospitals in South Australia

Menu and Nutritional Standard for Public Hospitals in South Australia (PDF 718KB) have been developed to ensure that inpatients in South Australian hospitals have access to sufficient and appropriate types of food and fluids to meet their nutritional needs to support their medical and overall care.

The Standards apply to all meals and mid-meals for all adult in-patients admitted to public hospitals in South Australia. They are applicable to patients on general ward diets and some specific patient groups including those requiring texture modified diets and those who may be eating poorly. 

Copying of non-South Australian Health Documents

Copying of non-South Australian Health Documents Fact Sheet (PDF 209KB)has been developed to provide SA Health allied and scientific health professional’s information on copying documents as part of their job.

Further information

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