Midwifery in Country Health SA

If you can embrace a better way of working and want to use all of your skills, knowledge and experience, let us show you the benefits of midwifery at Country Health SA.
South Australia is a progressive place to work, where state of the art hospitals meet forward-thinking models of care.

In Country Health SA, we've established the Continuity of Care practise as standard. Dedicated to Caseload Midwifery, we'll empower you to deliver the best possible care, with more hands-on involvement.

Knowing that midwifery with Country Health SA is more than help with birthing, you'll be able to go on a journey of care together with the women in your community.
As well as being part of our collaborative and holistic approach to women-centred care, you'll be able to enjoy:

  • Rosters that you design to fit in with your clients and your life
  • Training and development courses to enhance your skills and keep your knowledge up to date
  • Peer support across an extensive and friendly network - encompassing all Country Health SA hospitals, it offers social and professional connection and development opportunities
  • A culture of professional collaboration - great relationships between management, doctors and midwives, offering increased support and autonomy
  • Commitment to low-intervention birthing and natural therapies

Our caseload midwives

What's it like to get back as much as you give to a community? Or to be able to deliver a more complete package of care?

Click on the links below to find out from Lisa, Julie and Marijke what their personal experience of Country Health SA has been what motivates them and how they're enjoying their new lives in country communities.

Lisa — Testimonial 

Hi, I'm Lisa and I feel really lucky to be able to give back to the community where I live. As a Caseload Midwife with Country Health SA, in the beautiful town of Gawler, I've found a place and a role that presents me with many opportunities to do something special for the women and families around me. Mine is a story of professional satisfaction and personal reward

Julie  — Testimonial 

I'm Julie and I've found a place where I do more of the work I love. My job title is Midwife, but at Country Health SA I get to do more than assist at births. From forging great, long-lasting relationships to being there when women need support, before during and after pregnancy, I'm using all of the skills I have. Continuity of Care has let me have a profound impact on many people's lives. It's why I'm passionate about what I do. If you feel the same, discover more about my life and work.

Marijke  — Testimonial 

Do you ever feel like everything had clicked into place? I do. I'm Marijke, and I've had lot of different experiences as a Midwife, but finally I've found my niche at Country Health SA. Is there anything more rewarding than bringing new life into the world? I think there is. It's being present throughout the whole experience - sharing it with and supporting women. Find out how my role is working for me.


Country Health SA has multiple roles available and we're looking for Midwives of all experience levels click here to apply.


We have roles across the State, from coastal seaside towns and large regional centres, to small towns in our wine regions or key indigenous centres. All SA Health Country and community hospitals already embrace or are moving towards continuity of care, so whatever the career and lifestyle choice you want to pursue, we have a location and role that will be right for you.