Transition to professional practice program for nurses and midwives

The regional local health network's Transition to Professional Practice for Registered Nurses and Midwives (formerly the Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program, GN/MP) is a broad program covering theoretical as well as clinical aspects of the registered nurse/midwife role that facilitates your professional and personal growth.

The regional local health network's Transition to Professional Practice program offers a unique and valuable experience to graduate nurses/midwives which will significantly contribute to the development of their role as a registered nurse/midwife.

Rural nursing and midwifery provides diversity of practice that ensures a challenging work environment and enables development of close working relationships with a multitude of health professionals and members of the community.

The variety of practice settings includes surgical, medical, midwifery, aged care, paediatrics, theatre, emergency and community health that allows for broad clinical skill development.

Opportunities exist for new graduate nurses/midwives to develop their knowledge and skills with particular emphasis on the unique role of registered nurse/midwife in the rural setting.

Further information

More information regarding the Transition to Professional Practice Program is available on the SA Health Careers website:

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