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Country Health SA Local Health Network provides health services from more than 65 locations across the beautiful, vast state of South Australia.  Clinical placements in rural and remote locations offer a wide range of experiences that differ from those offered in metropolitan settings. Rural and remote placements are an opportunity for students to experience life in a country community while gaining an understanding of different healthcare models and specific health care needs of rural and remote populations.

Placement in country provides a wide range of learning opportunities that support preparation of work ready, competent, resilient and adaptable clinicians.

This page is designed to help you prepare and make the most of a country placement.

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Preparation for Country Placements

When preparing for a clinical placement in the country, there are a number of factors to consider such as the financial impact of living away from home, access to local accommodation and transport needs.  There is also limited and/or no public transport available in country sites.  Students need to ensure they can get to and from placement, particularly when shift work is a requirement.

Preparation needs to be made well before the start date of placement.

Students must consult with their education provider prior to placement to ensure they have completed all necessary pre-placement requirements.

The Clinical Placement Requirements for Health Care Students (PDF 800KB) provides guidance for students undertaking clinical placement in SA Health sites.

Information about Country Health SA Health Services are available on the Country Health SA homepage.

Hints and tips are available on the My Licence website from the Department of Transport to assist students driving in the country.

Support for Students

There are a range of supports available for students who undertake country placements. 

An education provider will be able to provide initial information. 

Further information


Placement Resources

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National Rural Health Students Network

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