CALHN emergency department mental health model of care review

An agreed model of care

In response to the Temporary Conditions placed on the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Emergency Department (ED) on 26 June, a model of care sprint team was established to develop an agreed model of care in relation to the presentation of people with mental health needs to the RAH ED, their assessment and transition to either an inpatient unit or discharge to the community.

Managing Mental Health Related Presentations in the ED (PDF 1MB) responds to this by describing CALHN’s agreed workflow pathways for managing mental health related presentations for the RAH and TQEH EDs and the collaboration between the Mental Health team and ED teams.

Three workflow pathways are identified and described:

  • Code behaviour of concern (BOC) in the ED – a rapid, coordinated, team-based response ensuring that patients and staff are safe
  • Expedited assessment – ED mental health pathway
  • Standard pathway – ED mental health pathway.

In addition, the workflow for mental health team’s interface with the RAH toxicology service has also been described.

Managing Mental Health Related Presentations in the ED (PDF 1MB) is now available for consultation with all CALHN staff (Emergency Department and Mental Health).


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