Report on Potential Intra-Medi-hotel Transmission of COVID-19, May 2021

SA Health has released a review into a potential source of infection for COVID-19 in a male who quarantined in a South Australian medi-hotel and became unwell 22 days after arrival in Australia.

There was no high-risk single event or high-risk breach in infection prevention and control practices identified during this investigation.

Therefore, while there is no single conclusive cause of transmission, it is highly likely the close timing of doors opening and closing between adjacent rooms was responsible given the clear role of aerosol transmission of this virus.

Six recommendations have been made based on the findings from the investigation to address these factors and reduce the risk of transmission occurring again within a medi-hotel as outlined in the report.

Access the report: Report on Potential Intra-Medi-hotel Transmission of COVID-19, May 2021 (PDF 130KB)