Policies and guidelines

High-level strategic policies give effect to the visions and directions of the government and guide the whole direction and culture of the department or the portfolio. Policies inform staff of their working arrangements in terms of process, content, attitude, priority and urgency.

The following types of policies can be found within this section:

  • Guidelines
  • Directives
  • Codes of Practice


A Foot in in the Door: Stepping towards solutions to resolve incidents of severe domestic squalor in South Australia

Abdominal trauma in pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Abdominal, vaginal and pelvic assessment - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Aboriginal Cultural Respect Framework Policy Directive

Aboriginal Employment Policy

Aboriginal Health Impact Statement Policy Directive

Aboriginal Health Impact Statement Policy Guideline

Aboriginal Health Policy

Acceptable Surveillance Policy Directive

Accreditation Policy Directive

Accruals Policy Directive

Aciclovir - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Active Discharge from Specialist Outpatient Services Guideline

Acute asthma in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Acute Otitis Media in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Acute Presentations Related to Methamphetamine Use for Adults Clinical Guideline

Adenosine - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Administered Items Policy Directive

Administration guidelines for Flebogamma 10%

Administration guidelines for Flebogamma 5%

Administration guidelines for Privigen 10%

Adrenaline (undiluted) 1mg/mL injection (1 in 1000) - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Adrenaline for resuscitation - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Adult Community Mental Health Services (Metropolitan Regions): Model of Care

Adult-Paediatric Rehabilitation interface in adolescents aged up to 18 years

Advance Care Directives Policy Directive

Advertising Policy Directive

AHP Credentials Letter of Agreement with the Department of Human Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Use Among Nurses: Guidelines for Response In the Workplace

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Clinical Guidelines for Nurses and Midwives

Allied Health Professionals + Professional Development Reimbursement Program (AHP+ PDRP) Policy Directive

Ambulance Distribution for Demand Management Policy Directive

Aminoglycosides: Recommendations for use, dosing and monitoring clinical guideline

Amniotic fluid embolism - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Anaemia in pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Analgesia for Labour and Birth (Pharmacological) - Perinatal Practice Guideline

Analgesia guideline - neuropathic pain of spinal origin

Analgesia guideline - non specific low back pain

Anaphylaxis - Maternal - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Anaphylaxis in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Antenatal Cardiotocography Clinical Guideline

Antenatal Care - Referral Guideline

Antepartum haemorrhage (APH) or bleeding in the second half of pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Antibiotic Alert Shortage of oral flucloxacillin & dicloxacillin

Anti-D prophlaxis - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Antimicrobial Prescribing Clinical Guideline

Antimicrobial Stewardship Policy Directive

Appointment and Administration of Authorised Officers under legislation committed to the Minister for Health, Minister for Health and Ageing and the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Policy Directive

Appropriation and Funding Arrangement Policy Directive

Area of Need Policy Guideline

Asbestos Management Safety (WHS)

Aseptic Technique Policy Directive

Assessing parent infant relationship - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Asset Management Policy Directive

Asthma in pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Atenolol 5mg mL oral mixture - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

atropine - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Attractive Items Policy Directive

Authenticating Allied and Scientific Health Professionals' Credentials: Guidelines for Regional Implementation Policy Guideline

Authenticating Allied Health Professionals Credentials including Access Appointments Policy Directive

Authenticating Nurse Practitioner Credentials Policy Directive

Azithromycin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Policy Directive

Balloon tamponade and uterine packing for major PPH - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Bank Accounts Policy Directive

Bedside Computers Patient Entertainment Framework for SA Health Directive

Benefit Schemes Policy Directive

benzylpenicillin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

beractant - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Better Oral Health in Residential Care: Professional Portfolio

Biomedical Technology Removal, Transfer and Disposal Policy Guideline

Birth options after caesarean section - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Bladder Management for Intrapartum and Postnatal Women - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Bleeding and Pain in Early Pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Blood Supply Stewardship Policy Directive

Blood transfusion - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Borrowings Policy Directive

Breast and Endocrine NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Breastfeeding - Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Breastfeeding - Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Breastfeeding Policy Directive

Breech presentation - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Bronchiolitis in Children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Buy Local Policy Directive

Caesarean section - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Calcitriol - South Australian Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Calcium Carbonate 1250mg Oral Tablets - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

calcium gluconate - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Call for Applications for Clinical Doctor

Cancer Services - Referral Guideline

Cancer Services Statewide Cancer Chemotherapy Policy Directive

Capital Projects Accounting Framework Policy Directive

Capital Works Benefits Evaluation Policy Guideline

Capital Works Implementation Policy Guideline

Capital Works Implementation Review Policy Guideline

Capital Works Planning Policy Guideline

Capital Works Policy Directive

Capitalisation of Information Technology Policy Directive

Captopril - SA Neonatal Practice Guidelines

Car parking charges for staff and visitors at SA Health Metropolitan Hospitals Policy Directive

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