Integrated South Australian Activity Collection (ISAAC)

The Integrated South Australian Activity Collection (ISAAC) contains state-wide data capturing information about patients separated from public and private hospitals.

It provides SA Health with the information resources necessary to effectively fund, organise, evaluate, and plan health services in South Australia.

ISAAC data also allows SA Health to meet national obligations through annual submissions to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). ISAAC forms part of the Admitted Patient Care National Minimum Data Set through submission to AIHW.

For more information on ISAAC please contact the Information Assembly Unit on (08) 8226 7321 or refer to the ISAAC Reference Manual.

Examples of ISAAC data use


  • Strategic Planning - to identify admission trends for socio-demographic and clinical groups, so that planning and delivery of health services is consistent with  community needs.
  • Resource Allocation - identifies priorities in hospital resource allocation based upon output measures across the State.
  • Performance Measurement - ISAAC enables service delivery performance measurement.
  • Casemix – ISAAC is a data source for casemix which provides the health care industry with a consistent method of classifying types of patients, their treatment and associated costs.


  • Quality Assurance - ISAAC assists health care professionals in conducting quality assurance studies.
  • Resource Requirements - ISAAC provides the information necessary for hospitals to examine in-patient resource requirements for specialty groups and to review existing allocation management.
  • Patient Management - ISAAC assists clinical staff to develop standard criteria for patient management.

ISAAC Reference Manual

ISAAC Reference Manual 2018 Version 11 (PDF 4.2MB) is now available for download.

A number of resources for data collection are also available. 


If you have queries regarding ISAAC:


(08) 8226 7322 or (08) 8226 7323 - ISAAC Submissions: General enquiries

(08) 8226 7337 - ISAAC Submissions: Department of Veterans Affairs

(08) 8226 7321 - ISAAC Reference Manual and other enquiries

Fax: (08) 8226 8150


Level 3 CitiCentre Building, 11 Hindmarsh Square Adelaide

Postal address: Information Assembly, Information Management, SA Health, PO Box 287, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5001

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