SALHN Research Week

Research Week

SALHN Research Week is an opportunity to showcase SALHN’s excellence in enquiry and research. The objectives of Research Week are to:

  1. Increase awareness of research and enquiry activity across SALHN.
  2. Provide an opportunity to recognise research excellence.
  3. Promote collaboration with existing and emerging partners.
  4. Increase staff and consumer engagement with research and enquiry across SALHN.

SALHN Four Fields of Enquiry

The theme for Research Week 2022 was based on the SALHN Four Fields of Enquiry,  with a day being dedicated to each of the Four Fields: Discovery Science, Clinical Trials, Health Services Research and Continuous Improvement / Implementation Science.

The Four Fields of Enquiry aims to drive a culture of questioning and capability in research and continuous improvement at SALHN through an enquiry framework.

For more information on the SALHN Four Fields of Enquiry please see the following video

2022 Research Week 

SALHN Research Week ran from 26 to 30 September 2022. Over the week, we had 55 speakers presenting across the four fields of enquiry.

There were 608 registered attendees with strong attendance, both in-person and online. Each day, we ran concurrent professional development workshops and we were joined by five exhibitors and 20 high school students from our local catchment area.

Other interest pieces included the Improvement Gallery and The Discovery Science Artwork Competition.  

More information about the exciting program that was delivered can be found on the Whova app.

SALHN Research Week 2022 Complete Playlist - YouTube

SALHN Research Week 2021 Complete Playlist - YouTube

Research Week Presentation Winners

People’s Choice Award – Paper and Oral Presentation across the Four Fields of Enquiry aims to recognise papers of exceptional quality delivered through oral and poster presentations at the SALHN Research.

We would like to congratulate the 2022 award recipients.

Discovery Science

  • Dr Chiang Sheng Lee (Division of Medicine, Cardiac and Critical Care)
    Poster Presentation Title: Compensatory Renal Hypertrophy in Renal Transplant Recipients
  • Dr Vincent Wong (Division of Medicine, Cardiac and Critical Care)
    Paper Presentation Title: Single-nucleus Transcriptome Profiling of Kidneys Undergoing Compensatory Growth

Clinical Trials

  • Dr Peter Allcroft (Division of Rehabilitation, Aged & Palliative Care)
    Poster Presentation Title: Effectiveness of a Novel Approach to Managing Dry Mouth in Palliative Care
  • Frank Guerriero (Division of Surgery and Perioperative Medicine)
    Paper Presentation Title: Overcoming barriers to wound healing in a neuroischemic diabetic foot wound cohort using a novel biodegradable synthetic matrix – a randomised control trial

      Health Services Research

  • Dr Dirk Hoffman (Division of Medicine, Cardiac and Critical Care)
    Poster Presentation Title: Economic Evaluation of a Medical Ambulatory Care Service using a single group Interrupted Time-series Design
  • Jo Nolan (Allied Health)
    Paper Presentation Title: SALHN REDUCE Delirium with Eat Walk Engage: feasibility, acceptability and modelled economic analysis

Continuous Improvement / Implementation Science

  • Chelsea Sporn (Division of Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Palliative Care)
    Poster Presentation Title: SALHN: Palliative Care Nursing - Beginner to Expert Framework (Skill Matrix)
  • Emma Leske (SA Virtual Care Service)
    Paper Presentation Title: Introduction of a collaborative patient assessment model in a virtual care setting.

Discovery Science Artwork Competition

The SALHN Research Week Discovery Science Artwork Competition was showcased at Research Week from 26-30 September 2022.

Contact details

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