Face-to-face outpatient appointments during COVID-19 at SALHN

During the Omicron COVID-19 surge, unfortunately we needed to reduce our face-to-face Outpatient/Ambulatory appointments for the Southern Community to keep both our patients and staff safe.

We are pleased that we can now increase our Outpatient/Ambulatory Service by seeing more people in person at our clinics. We are also continuing to offer telehealth appointments via telephone or video.

Our care team will decide which type of appointment best suits your clinical needs. If you are concerned about your type of appointment, please contact your clinic to discuss.

We do understand that some people may be worried about attending face-to-face Outpatient/Ambulatory Clinics during the pandemic.

We would like to reassure you about the steps we are taking to keep our patients and staff safe.

We are working to keep everyone safe by:

  • Always providing personal protective equipment, such as masks, to be worn throughout your visit

In some cases, requesting you have Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) on arrival at hospital or before you come to hospital. Your care team will let you know if you need to do a RAT before you attend and provide you with more information.

When attending your appointment, please help us keep everyone safe by:

  • Contacting your clinic if you are feeling unwell or have COVID-19
  • Wearing your mask and maintain physical distancing as much as possible
  • Only bringing one other person (your Support Person) with you to your appointment.
  • Arriving at the entrance of our building no more than 30 minutes before your appointment. We will work with you to ensure that screening does not impact you getting to your appointment.
  • Arriving at your clinic location no more than 10 minutes before your appointment to avoid too many people in the waiting area.
  • Waiting for your appointment in other areas if you arrive early, such as cafes or courtyards.

For more information about what to expect when attending your appointment please read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 47KB).

Thank you for your support in our efforts to provide safe care to you and the Southern Community.