Mindfulness helps bring calm and peace to Veterans

01 February 2021

(Southern Health News, December 2020)

A State-first program to promote mindfulness and self-compassion for Veterans has shown early signs of success, with its first 10 patients having recently completed the program.

The 10-week Mindfulness Self Compassion outpatient program, led by consultant psychiatrists at JLC, focuses on developing an awareness of the present moment, particularly around thoughts and emotions.

“By bringing a kind and compassionate attitude to life Veterans can learn to calm, soothe and comfort themselves,
which in turn helps them to deal with life’s difficulties and heal the relational difficulties that their trauma has
caused,” said Dr Christopher Veale, Unit Head Veterans Mental Health, JLC

“The milieu of the group fosters a warm, accepting and nurturing atmosphere, encouraging participants to  experience self-compassion and a sense of connection to assist with emotional healing. The veterans who participated found the experience comforting and were hopeful that this would greatly assist their journey of recovery from their service-related trauma,” said Dr Veale.

He said the program was a great way for Veterans to come together and receive the care they needed in a safe space.

“Many Veterans need additional support both during their time of service and following discharge, and the introduction of the program is another way we can ensure veterans are receiving the care they need in a way that will benefit both their physical and mental wellbeing.”