NALHN Consumer Advisory Council

The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Consumer Advisory Council commenced in 2014 after a successful merger between the respective Consumer Advisory Council’s at Modbury and Lyell McEwin hospitals.

There has been a proud history of active consumer engagement and input into decisions about health services in NALHN and more broadly in South Australia by individual and collective members from the Consumer Advisory Council. The Consumer Advisory Council has recently been congratulated in the ACHS Accreditation review in October 2018 for the effective role of consumer engagement in NALHN.

Further examples of the council’s involvement within NALHN include:

  • Contributing to the development and design of the SpARC facility at Modbury Hospital
  • Involved in planning of Emerging Communities Health Conference and Community Event
  • Instrumental in the purchase of additional wheelchairs to increase wheelchair availability for patient transport


Members of the Consumer Advisory Council meet regularly and contribute to the safety and quality of NALHN health services.

Expectations of members

The key expectations of members on the Consumer Advisory Council are:

  • Active participation in monthly meetings of the Consumer Advisory Council with a commitment to undertake agreed actions
  • Active participation on short term project or ongoing NALHN committees
  • Flexibility to attend meetings during the week

Members of the NALHN Consumer Advisory Council have an interest in sharing information, insights and experiences in a helpful way that others can learn from; can work together with a variety of other people including staff of the NALHN services.


NALHN believes that an effective Consumer Advisory Council reflects the diversity of the people of the northern region and the broader community.  A diverse membership ensures that the decisions being made considers culturally appropriate health care and sensitivity to social and cultural preferences.


Membership on the Consumer Advisory Council is for a 3 year term with all members required to undertake an induction and orientation program and further training when required.


Consumer Advisory Council members are reimbursed for their time and will be paid in line with the SA Health Schedule of Sitting Fees and Reimbursement for External Individuals.