The LCLHN Clinician and Staff Engagement Strategy 2021-2024 demonstrates our commitment to partnering with clinicians and staff in decision-making across all relevant levels of health service delivery.

Developed following extensive consultation, this engagement strategy aims to capture what our clinicians and staff have told us they need:, to be more effectively informed, involved, and able to influence decision-making in their workplaces and across the LCLHN. The strategy also incorporates a commitment to identify a strengthened process for engaging with our many valued volunteers.

We have developed four key engagement objectives:

Objective 1

To ensure that all clinicians and staff have, and are aware of, the formal and informal pathways to be informed, to be involved and to influence the provision of health services in the LCLHN.

Objective 2

Our values will provide the foundation for the way the LCLHN improves and strengthens engagement with our workforce:

  • Care
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect

Objective 3

Clinicians and staff will have the opportunity to be actively involved in decision-making across all relevant levels of health service delivery, including:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Governance structures
  • Innovation
  • Service performance and improvement
  • Service design
  • Workplace and organisational culture
  • Public and/or community awareness campaigns

Objective 4

Clinicians and staff will have visibility of engagement activities and the outcome.

Through the implementation of this strategy, we seek to build an engagement framework that enables clinicians and staff to participate both formally and informally in decisions affecting them.

This strategy operates alongside the Consumer, Carer and Community Engagement Strategy 2021-2024 and forms a critical part of the LCLHN’s strategic direction over the coming years in line with the LCLHN Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025.

Download a copy of the Clinician and Staff Engagement Strategy 2021-2024.