Country Patient Journey

As a key initiative for Country Health SA the Country Patient Journey Initiative was introduced to improve the outcomes for people living in country South Australia needing to access health services locally, regionally and from Adelaide-based services.

The objectives of this initiative werre:

  • To improve the journey for people from Country SA needing to travel away from home to access health services.
  • To reduce the number of avoidable referrals for country residents to Adelaide-based health services.
  • To decrease the length of time country residents spend in Adelaide hospitals.
  • To improve the preparedness of country residents returning home from Adelaide by improving discharge planning.
  • To facilitate the improvement and development of appropriate health services and clinical networks across Country South Australia.

Over the years of the Country Patient Journey Initiative the work became less of an ‘initiative’ and more embedded set of core principles inherent in improving health outcomes for people from country SA and increasing access to services closer to home.

To access the Country Patient Journey publications please use the links in the tabs below.

Country Patient Journey Storybook

The Patient Journey Storybook publication developed by Dr Anne Johnson for the Health Consumers Alliance of SA on behalf of Country Health SA Local Health Network was launched by the Hon John Hill, Minister for Health and Ageing on Thursday 17 November 2011. 

The publication captures the work of the Patient Journey Initiative Steering Committee and the innovative work of health professionals, non-government organisations and community advocates to bring about change to health services for people living in country South Australia.  

Dating back to 2006 the Initiative is a partnership with Country Health SA Local Health Network and rural communities, which started to lay the groundwork to build a better and more integrated system of care for country people.


Country Patient Journey resources


Country Patient Journey communiqués


Issue No 93 - Patient Journey Communiqué January-March 2017 (PDF 200KB)

  • Health Living after Cancer
  • Update on the Under Our Roof accommodation
  • Aboriginal Community & Consumer Engagement Strategy & CHSALHN Aboriginal Health Experts by Experience Register



Issue No 92 - Patient Journey Communiqué December 2016 (PDF 320KB)

  • Exciting training opportunities offered to Adelaide Hills Cardiac Services Coordinator
  • Angel Flight
  • PATS online portal
  • The Heart Foundations Health Information Service



Issue No 91 - Patient Journey Communiqué April-June 2016 (PDF 219KB)

  • New Online System to reduce paperwork for country patients
  • NAIDOC 2016
  • Adelaide Shores Resort and Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park



Issue No 90 - Patient Journey Communiqué January-March 2016 (PDF 258KB)

  • Cancer Council SA
  • My Aged Care
  • Louisa DaCosta Trust
  • Patient Liaison Network Coordinator Leave Arrangements


Issue No 89 - Patient Journey Communique Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 (PDF 366KB)

  • Hospital Research Foundation
  • Country Liaison Nurse
  • Inner North Aboriginal Health Team
  • OASIS Accommodation
  • For noting

Issue No 88 - Patient Journey Communiqué Jul/Aug/Sep 2015 (PDF 320KB)

  • Virtual Clinical Care (VCC) Home Tele-monitoring Service
  • Review of the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) - update
  • Loud Shirt Day at the Country Referral Unit

Issue No 87 - Patient Journey Communiqué May-June 2015 (PDF 350KB)

  • Country Referral Unit Update
  • Heartbeat House
  • Managing Two Worlds

Issue No 86 - Patient Journey Communiqué March-April 2015 (PDF 200KB)

  • Patient Liaison Network Forum
  • Whyalla Nurse Led Rape and Sexual Assault Support Service
  • McGrath Breast Care Nurses in Country SA

Issue No 85 - Patient Journey Communiqué January-February 2015 (PDF 140KB)

  • Good News Story - Better Care in the Community, Wallaroo Hospital
  • Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) - February 2015 - Update
  • Patient Liaison Network Forum 2015

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