Aboriginal Community and Consumer Engagement Strategy

The Country Health SA Local Health Network Aboriginal Community and Consumer Engagement (ACCE) strategy (PDF 3.1MB) has been developed to assist Country Health SA implement culturally respectful and meaningful community and consumer engagement strategies. This strategy recognises the excellent work of our Aboriginal Health Advisory Committees and builds a future platform to increase Aboriginal community participation. It surpasses the previous engagement model to reflect the evolutionary process that surrounds improving patient centred care and the future innovative intentions of Country Health SA. The ACCE strategy is part of the overarching Country Health SA Community and Consumer Engagement strategy (PDF 292KB).

The SA Health Framework for Active Partnership with Consumers and the Community identifies situations where Local Health Networks will inform and engage communities and individuals as patients, carers and consumers of our health services. The Framework ensures there are mechanisms in place to actively engage in order to meet consumer needs and develop appropriate services. It also ensures the methods and practice of consumer engagement are guided by current best practice. The principles and standards recognise the importance of partnering with consumers and the community and maintaining high quality and efficient health services. Importantly by implementing the Aboriginal Community and Consumer Engagement strategy, there will be an increase in Aboriginal participation in health service delivery, design and decision making.

With regard to patient, consumer and carer engagement, the minimum health service standards are prescribed in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Standard 1 and 2.

Key result areas and deliverables have been assigned to assist Country Health SA's implementation and monitoring of the ACCE.

Country Health SA supports self-determination in a practical way by supporting Aboriginal health services to transition to community-control. It advocates that Aboriginal community controlled-health services are the preferred model of primary health care, thereby increasing both access to services and positive health outcomes. Country Health SA will engage individuals, consumers and communities in a range of methods to achieve these outcomes such that we become the best rural health service in Australia.

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