Strategy for Country Health

The Country Health SA Local Health Network Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (PDF 859KB) sets the vision and direction for the health care system in rural South Australia. It has the bold aim for the Country Health SA Local Health Network to be the best rural health service.

Country Health SA is committed to providing high quality, accessible health care, tailored to the needs of country residents and creating great places for people to come and work.

Country Health SA’s Strategic Plan supports the vision and directions in the State Strategic Plan and builds on the 10 Year Local Health Service Plans, which were led by the Health Advisory Councils as part of the Strategy for Planning Health Services in country South Australia.

There is a changing landscape for the health care system in country South Australia. An ageing population, the changing demographics of country areas and an increasing role for technology in health care all present challenges and opportunities for health care delivery.

The Strategic Plan challenges Country Health SA to be courageous and innovative in our work, in a way that is responsive to the changing needs of the community.

Our vision is to be the best rural health service, and our focus for the next five years is to:

  • Develop our services in regional centres and provide more services closer to home
  • continue to view our Local Health Network as ‘one service, many campuses’
  • prioritise a customer focus which ‘wraps’ health services around the user
  • continue to integrate our health care system by leveraging technology and embracing telehealth.

The Strategic Plan marks the beginning of another phase in Country Health SA Local Health Network’s journey towards achieving the best possible health experiences and outcomes for country South Australians.

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