About Country Health SA

The Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) has a vision to be the best rural health service.

Our Mission

CHSALHN's mission is growing better services in country, keeping people well at home. CHSALHN is committed to partnering with individuals, communities and staff to deliver high quality, high value health care that enhances the lived experience of rural and remote South Australians and their carers and families.

CHSALHN is committed to enhancing the satisfaction and promoting the talent of its workforce.

Who we are

The CHSALHN is part of SA Health and oversees the rural public health system in South Australia.  We are transforming health care and delivering health benefits so that rural and remote South Australians lead healthier lives.

We provide acute health services to over 100,000 people and a further 175,000 people annually at country emergency departments. Our network delivers a comprehensive range of health services throughout 61 public hospitals, employing over 8,000 people in South Australia. 

We are accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

What we do

The CHSALHN works with the Country Health SA Local Health Network Health Advisory Council and the 39 country Health Advisory Councils to provide industry leadership and administer the rural public health system in South Australia.  Health Advisory Councils are consultative bodies that advise the Minister for Health and Wellbeing to provide a more coordinated, strategic and integrated health care system to meet the health care needs of South Australians.


  • Administers the rural South Australian health system
  • Manages the rural health workforce
  • Advises the Minister for Health and the South Australian Government on the rural health system
  • Informs and educates the community to better manage their health
  • Communicates changes and improvements in the health system
  • Encourages a high value health care that enhances the lives of rural and remote South Australians.
  • Invests in infrastructure to provide regional state-of-the-art facilities for the community and the workforce
  • Provides comprehensive services focusing on mental health
  • Creates strategies to ensure rural and remote South Australians can receive health services closer to home
  • Focuses on improving the health of Aboriginal people
  • Develops strategies for aged care
  • Administers the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme

The CHSALHN carries out these functions in consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders including general practitioners, Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, South Australian Divisions of General Practice, Health Consumers Alliance, Local Government, industrial organisations and the tertiary education sector.

Organisational Charts and Structures

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