Virtual clinical care benefitting country patients

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

More country patients with chronic disease are being monitored in the comfort of their own home following the launch of an innovative trial expanding the reach of virtual clinical care.

Country Health SA Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr Hendrika Meyer, said the Virtual Clinical Care (VCC) Home Tele-Monitoring service monitors people with chronic diseases such as respiratory, cardiac and diabetes-related conditions, allowing them to measure their clinical signs on a daily basis from home.

“As part of the four-month trial, dedicated chronic disease nurses are monitoring patient information in a secure database known as the Virtual Clinical Care Hub, allowing more patients to be monitored by the service,” Dr Meyer said.

“This initiative not only provides patients the ease of being monitored from their home, but could have the potential to save lives.

“The VCC program enables people to monitor their own condition for a period of 12 weeks and respond to any changes quickly before their condition deteriorates.

“When abnormal clinical signs are identified by the system, the patient’s care team and GP are notified and begin an action plan to manage their condition.

“The expansion of this program will benefit the community greatly, allowing many more people to manage their chronic conditions themselves, with support close at hand.”

Country Health SA Chief Executive Officer, Maree Geraghty, said clinicians would assess the outcomes of the VCC monitoring model at the completion of the trial.

“We’re excited to roll out this expansion and assess any positive outcomes that may allow it to continue for a longer period of time,” Ms Geraghty said.

“CHSA is continuously looking at ways of providing effective care to people living in regional areas and this initiative is yet another way to ensure there are similar healthcare access options available across the state.”

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