Site identified for new hospital

Tuesday 4 December 2018

The western end of the biomedical Precinct has been recommended as the preferred site for the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

Lindsey Gough, CEO Women’s and Children’s Health Network, said the site meets all the criteria to ensure the needs of South Australian families are met for years to come. 

“The site is an ideal position, co-locating the new WCH alongside the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and within the world-class Adelaide BioMed City,” Ms Gough said.

“The new WCH Taskforce has spent the past eight months extensively consulting with clinicians, consumers and key stakeholders to put forward the best possible option for this new hospital.

“We want to thank all of those involved in the project so far for their significant time and effort in getting us to this point, but this is just the first step. 

“The next two weeks are crucial as we finalise the report to achieve our goal of presenting it to government by the end of the year.”

The Taskforce worked with Health Planner Carramar to establish the size of the new hospital, and is confident it can be accommodated on this site. 

Architects GHD Woodhead provided additional advice on a range of sites identified by the Taskforce, which used an agreed set of evaluation criteria to analyse the options.

Advice from Adelaide Airport has confirmed the height of the building is in line with flight path guidelines, allowing for the site to be a viable option.

Jim Birch, Taskforce Chair, says the final meeting will be held later this month to put the finishing touches on the report, which will include the bed numbers service profile. Further work on the indicative cost estimate is ongoing and expected to be completed early in the first half of 2019.

“I am looking forward to presenting our report to government and, if approved, working towards a more comprehensive plan by the end of next year,” Mr Birch said.

“I also want to personally thank everyone who helped inform the Taskforce for being so generous with their expertise and time to make this a truly collaborative and consultative process.

“The commitment by this group to deliver the world-class care and facilities for the women, children and families of this state is to be highly commended.”

Further information about the taskforce can be found at

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