Report highlights the need for more organ donation in SA

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

South Australians are being urged to have a conversation with their loved ones about organ donation, after a decrease in the number of deceased organ donors last year, resulting in less transplants.

The 2017 Australian Donation and Transplantation Activity Report released this week shows that 32 South Australians became deceased organ donors last year, compared with 40 the year before.

South Australia’s donation rate is 18.6 donors per million population, compared with the national average of 20.7.

DonateLife SA State Medical Director, Dr Stewart Moodie, said the decrease in numbers highlighted the need for more South Australians to consider how organ donation affects both families and recipients.

“Whilst the life-saving outcomes to organ recipients are well recognised, the ability to provide such a gift is something that all donor families should hold with immense pride,” Dr Moodie said.

“To increase donation outcomes we need to raise consent rates. We encourage all South Australians to discuss organ donation with their families.

“This can be achieved by more South Australians registering and discussing their donation decision with loved ones and by ensuring donation is always raised by a trained donation specialist doctor or nurse.”

Due to the generosity of donors and their families, donation and transplantation outcomes have increased substantially since the implementation of a national program in 2009.

Since the program started, 3,464 deceased organ donors and their families have benefited 10,096 transplant recipients.

The number of deceased organ donors has more than doubled with 510 donors in 2017 compared with 247 in 2009. The number of organ transplant recipients has increased by 75 per cent with 1,402 Australians receiving a life-saving transplant from a deceased donor in 2017 compared with 799 in 2009.

Medical suitability, interstate surgical team availability and fewer families agreeing to donation than in previous years have impacted donor rates during the 2017 period.

Nationally, in 2017 Australia achieved its highest number of deceased organ donors, with a small increase from 510 compared to 503 donors in 2016.

Overall, 1,675 Australians received a transplant from 510 deceased organ donors and 273 living donors.

To view the full report please visit National performance data: Organ and Tissue Authority

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