Replacement Nasal Cannulas for patients

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital is issuing replacement nasal cannulas for 103 infant home oxygen patients following concerns raised about the flexibility of the tubing.

Dr James Martin, Acting Head of Respiratory Medicine at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCHN) said the hospital had recently been alerted to a change in the flexibility of the infant and intermediate sized Salter Nasal Cannulas, and are today contacting families who are using the product to offer a replacement.

“Our supplier has recently changed their product and the tubing going to the nose is now much softer than it used to be,” Dr Martin said.

“While the risk is considered to be extremely low, we are concerned there may be potential for the tubing to twist, or be compressed, and interrupt the supply of oxygen.

“We’re not aware of any patient who has experienced any adverse medical issues as result of using the product, and there is no evidence to suggest the product is faulty.

“However, following discussions with other clinicians and families, we are taking a very cautious approach and are advising families to replace the product as soon as possible.”

The change in flexibility only relates to the infant and intermediate sized Salter Nasal Cannulas.  No other product is affected. Patients using other products should continue to use them as directed.

Any family whose child is receiving care from WCHN and is currently using the infant and intermediate Salter Nasal Cannula for their child’s home oxygen should contact WCHN on (08) 8161 7000 to discuss replacing the product.

The new Salter Nasal Cannula product has been in the international market for more than a year and the WCHN has used the product since late November 2017.

WCHN has contacted the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) and the manufacturer to alert them to the concerns.

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 227KB).

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