Men’s Health Week

13 June 2018

This week during Men’s Health Week, men are being encouraged to visit a GP for a check-up and make small lifestyle changes to improve their overall health.

SA Health’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Paddy Phillips, said the health status of men in most countries is lower compared to females.

“Men live on average four and a half years less than women, and men live about nine years of their life in poor health, which for many can be preventable by making small lifestyle changes,” Professor Phillips said.

“Simple things like getting enough sleep, not smoking, eating well and being active can dramatically improve overall health and that benefits not only yourself, but also your family.

“Generally we know that a lot of men choose not to talk about their health, unless they’re prompted to do so, and they also tend to self-monitor their symptoms for a lot longer before going to the GP.

“This can mean that men end up with health problems that could have been avoided, but often just a short conversation can be the start of positive lifestyle changes or potentially pick up something wrong, like in Robbie’s case.

“Men’s Health Week is about raising awareness of health problems men face and encouraging men to take steps towards prevention and early detection.”

SA Health’s Men’s Health Ambassador and Port Adelaide footballer Robbie Gray is encouraging men to take better care of themselves and to use this week to start a conversation about health.

“If you’re not feeling well don’t ignore it, get a doctor to give you a check-up,” the Port Adelaide star said.

“As blokes we often prefer to tough it out, assuming the problem will go away, but it doesn’t take long to make an appointment and see a doctor, and I know from experience how important early detection is.”

Robbie came on board as Men’s Health Ambassador after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in September last year, which was picked up after he went to the team doctor following a few days of ‘feeling off’.

He is starring in a series of videos which will be promoted during Men’s Health Week (June 11-17), aiming to encourage men to get getting regular health checks and be aware of signs and symptoms that something could be wrong.

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