Al Mina Mediterranean Patisserie Baklava Recall

Thursday 29 November 2018

Two types of baklava produced and packaged by Al Mina Mediterranean Patisserie are being recalled because they contain allergens, including tree nuts, which are not included on the labelling. 

SA Health’s Director Food and Controlled Drugs, Dr Fay Jenkins, said anyone who has an allergy to pistachios should not eat the products.

“All food businesses are legally obliged to declare common allergens such as tree nuts which include pistachios on product labels because food allergies can cause a severe reaction, such as anaphylaxis, and can be life threatening,” Dr Jenkins said.

“While some tree nuts are declared in the list of product ingredients, pistachios are not, so we would urge anyone who has an allergy or any concerns not to consume these products and dispose of them or return them to place of purchase for a refund. 

“For people who don’t have an allergy to pistachios, the products are safe to be consumed.” 

The recalled products, produced and packaged by Al Mina Mediterranean Patisserie, are:

  • Almond Baklava Triangle 250g
  • Four Finger Baklava 200g 

“The products are manufactured in South Australia and distributed state-wide to Foodland, IGA and a number of smaller independent supermarkets and takeaway shops,” Dr Jenkins said. 

“We would recommend that anyone with an allergy should carefully read packaging labels and when eating out, always ask whether a menu item contains certain allergens.”  

SA Health became aware of the issue following a complaint by a consumer who reported an allergic reaction after eating Al Mina baklava. 

The consumer did not require hospitalisation. 

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