Take control of your future

9 September 2019

As part of Planning Ahead Week, South Australian adults are being reminded to take control of their future and record their wishes about health care, medical treatment, finance and property needs.

Director of Office for Ageing Well, Cassie Mason, said by planning ahead, people can be assured that their decisions will be heard and acted on and their families will not have to endure additional stresses in the case of a traumatic event.

“All South Australian adults are encouraged to take control of their future and make their wishes known, as part of this year’s Planning Ahead Week,” Ms Mason said.

“Planning Ahead Week encourages people to think seriously about their future choices and to make times of crisis easier for their loved ones in the case of a sudden accident, illness or a debilitating condition.

“We’re aiming to raise awareness about the benefits of early planning and the legal tools which can be used to support individual choice in the event of loss of capacity or death.”

Ms Mason said it is important for all adults to understand the benefits of early planning because at some stage in their lives they may need someone to make decisions for them if they are unable to themselves.

“Planning Ahead Week aims to raise awareness about the benefits of early planning and the legal tools that are available to them,” Ms Mason said.

“While it can be difficult to think about bad things happening, sadly people do get sick and accidents do happen and this can affect memory and planning ability.

“It’s never too early to plan ahead for the future and I encourage all adults to take action to protect their rights and wishes today.”

The Planning Ahead website contains links to a variety of legal tools including an Advance Care Directive to plan future healthcare and accommodation needs, an Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint someone to manage your financial and legal affairs and information on how to prepare a will. 

Planning Ahead Week runs from 9 – 15 September and encourages adults to make decisions about finances, property, medical treatment, family care and living arrangements, as well as registering as an organ or tissue donor.

For more information and to plan ahead visit

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