COVID-19 update 30 December 2022

30 December 2022

COVID Cases in SA

There have been 7,671 new cases of COVID-19 reported in South Australia in the past week.

As of 11:59pm Thursday 22 December, 255 people with COVID-19 in hospital, including 14 in ICU and three ventilated.

Of those hospitalised, 192 people had received three or more vaccine doses, 32 people were either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and 31 had an unknown vaccination status.

There were 18 COVID-19 deaths notified in the past week, the ages range from people in their 40s to 90s, including two deaths in people aged under 70 years. Deaths may not have occurred in the week in which they were reported.

Please note that due to a reconfiguration of the data, the total number of cases has been readjusted.

Total case breakdown

  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This week Previous week
New cases 7,671 10,474
Total cases 862,043 853,367
Total deaths 1,155* 1,144

*Seven deaths have been removed from the total due to previously reported deaths found to be unrelated to COVID-19


The latest genome sampling has found 35% of samples analysed were BA.5 and related variants (of which 62% is B.Q.1), 33% were BA.2 and related variants (of which 92% is BA.2.75 and 7% is XBB), and one BA.4 related variant were detected.

COVID testing

In the past week, 17,883 people received a PCR test in South Australia, a 26% decrease on the previous week. Of the test results returned, 3,827 PCR tests were positive, 3,844 positive Rapid Antigen Test results were reported.

Vaccination update

Currently 96.6% of eligible South Australians aged 12+ have received their first dose of the vaccine and 94.6% have received their second dose. Boosters have been administered to 75.6% of eligible South Australians and 71.7% of South Australians aged 16+.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, please seek testing as soon as possible.

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