Data and reports: South Australian Population Health Survey

The South Australian Population Health Survey (SAPHS) is a statewide population health survey, which aims to monitor the health of all South Australians. Data is collected every month and anyone with access to a phone can be randomly selected to participate in the survey. In one year, around 7,000 South Australians are interviewed about their health and wellbeing.

Data is collected on overall health status, health service utilisation, chronic conditions, cancer prevention, disability and carers, risk factors (biomedical, protective and behavioural), food security, mental health, wellbeing and disadvantage and inequity. The aims of the SAPHS can be found on the Information for survey participants page. Copies of the SAPHS methodology and questionnaire can also be viewed below:

A brief history of population health surveillance in South Australia

SA Health has been collecting population level data on the health and wellbeing of South Australians since 2002. From 2002-2017 the survey was known as the South Australian Monitoring and Surveillance System (SAMSS). In 2017 an extensive evaluation (PDF 836KB) was conducted into the survey and was the catalyst for the development of the SAPHS.

The newly commissioned SAPHS commenced data collection in July 2018 and includes a revised questionnaire and update in methodology used to collect the data.

South Australian Population Health Data Reports


For more information about the survey or how to access data, contact the Population Health Survey team in the Prevention and Population Health Branch at