Grant Application Guidelines

“Letters of Support” by SALHN CEO

Due to recent changes in process we are required to review communications to external funding bodies concerning research grant applications before they are approved by the CEO.

These communications include letters of support by SALHN CEO, as well as authorisations of a grant application on behalf of SALHN where SALHN staff or resources are involved, and a range of other in principal approvals. Many of these documents are non-contentious and of minimal impact. Some however purport to bind SALHN to terms and conditions should the grant be awarded and these need to be reviewed before our CEO can feel confident in supporting them as part of the grant application process (as the grant will be on those terms).

Therefore if you are involved in a grant application that involves research being undertaken at SALHN (or in collaboration with SALHN) whereby you are required to submit a letter of support with your grant from the CEO of SALHN please ensure you engage with this office in a timely fashion. Alternatively, you may have been awarded a grant and now require SALHN authorisation. We have developed the Grant Lodgement Form to streamline support or authorisation.

We require a minimum of 7-10 days from the due date for submission to ensure that we are able to review and obtain an appropriate turnaround time so as not to prejudice your grant application or post award milestones.

Please note that due to workflows and internal processes within SALHN we cannot guarantee a turnaround for late submissions that fall outside of this timeline.

If you are close to submission finalisation and your due date is approaching please ensure you give us notice and engage with us as that will help us to plan accordingly.

Please contact the SALHN Office for Research on (08) 8204 6453 or email

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