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All SA Health policies that are overdue for review remain in force and continue to be applicable.

All policies/guidelines that remain published on the Policy Distribution System continue to be valid irrespective of the review date, except where explicitly stated otherwise in the policy.


The Information Management Domain encompasses the areas of information security, data quality and health record management.


The purpose of this Domain is to:

  • Ensure a consistent system-wide approach to information management practices across SA Health.
  • Ensure staff awareness of the requirements, standards and processes that apply across SA Health for information management.
  • Ensure SA Health has systems in place to meets its ethical, legal and professional duty to ensure the information it holds adheres to good information management practices.
  • Ensure governance arrangements are in place to oversee the safe storage of information by SA Health, and the security and integrity of the information systems and processes used to store and process it.
  • Ensure clarity of staff roles and responsibilities in relation to information management.
  • Ensure SA Health’s approach to information management is consistent with best practice standards and compliant with relevant state and national legislation.


  • We are committed to ensuring the information that SA Health holds adheres to good information management practices.
  • We give confidence to our patients, staff, partners and suppliers that we protect the privacy of their information.
  • We apply a consistent system-wide approach to information management across SA Health.
  • We comply with agreed best practice standards and relevant state and national legislation for information management.


Director, Strategy and Architecture