Planning Framework


The Framework has been developed as a resource to strengthen health system and health service planning, align the process of planning across the system and to define governance, roles and responsibilities in planning. The Framework supports the SA Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020 – 2025 and is intended to align closely with the SA Health Commissioning Framework March 2020 and the SA Health Performance Framework 2020 – 2021.

Purpose of the Planning Framework

  • To support planning concepts to align with identified key focus areas of population health need
  • To provide the SA Health system with a high-level understanding of our approach to planning
  • To provide the SA Health system with an understanding of how planning activities are prioritised
  • To support the increase of efficiencies through improved decision making and appropriate planning
  • To provide a high-level explanation of the connection between planning, commissioning and infrastructure planning
  • To support a collaborative and integrated approach to planning, to aid in the provision of safe, high quality services.

Supporting documents to aid the Planning Framework

To aid in the implementation of the Planning Framework, it has been identified that a SA Health Guide to Planning and a SA Health Evaluation Framework will be developed through a collaborative process involving appropriate areas of the SA Health system.

Further information

For further information in relation to the Planning Framework, please contact the System Design and Planning Branch via email