Wellbeing SA

The creation of a Wellbeing SA agency is referred to in the State Government’s policy platforms:  Better Prevention for a Healthy South Australia and Targeted Health Prevention as the primary mechanism to deliver on commitments for action on prevention.

The policy platforms define the agency as:

  • a prevention, health promotion and primary health care agency, located within SA Health (but separate to hospitals)
  • an agency that will (but not limited to) advocate for and purchase services for health promotion and hospital avoidance, focus on avoiding hospital admissions and broker collaborations to jointly deliver better prevention, sub-acute and chronic disease management services

Wellbeing SA structure diagram

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Upcoming milestones and indicative timeframes

Stakeholder engagement in the co design of Wellbeing SA is underway, including upcoming design workshops.  Following this, concepts will be developed for further consultation.

These timeframes are indicative only and are subject to change.

Milestone Timeframe
Functional design workshops November 2018 – December 2018
Development of discussion paper (following workshops) January 2019
Targeted consultation on discussion paper March 2019
Collation of consultation feedback
April 2019
Finalise overarching model for Wellbeing SA
May 2019
Transition planning for Wellbeing SA
June 2019
Establishment of Office for Wellbeing SA
July 2019

Contact details

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