Responsibilities of the Governing Boards

From 1 July 2019, each Governing Board will be accountable to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing for the delivery of health services within its areas and will have responsibility for:

  • safe, high-quality and accessible services;
  • being reflective of local values, needs and priorities; and
  • being sustainable within the resources available.

Each Governing Board will:

  • appoint its LHN’s Chief Executive Officer (as vacancies occur) after consultation with the SA Health Chief Executive;
  • have responsibility for delivering safety and quality in their LHN;
  • oversee the efficient, effective and economic operation of its LHN’s health services and budget to achieve the LHN’s performance targets; and
  • establish strong relationships with local communities and frontline health professionals, particularly through the development of clinical and community engagement strategies.

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