Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

The State Government is committed to establishing a Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health, to provide leadership and advice within SA Health and the Government on clinical excellence and innovation.

A key priority of the State Government is to rebalance the health system in South Australia in a way that represents the values of the community, delivers the highest standards of safe and quality care and is economically viable for the future. 

The commission will provide leadership and advice on clinical best practice with a focus on maximising health outcomes for patients, improving care and safety, monitoring performance, championing evidence-based practice and clinical innovation, and supporting clinical collaboration.

The Commission will bring together expertise from clinicians, consumers, health partners and other relevant stakeholders to maximise health outcomes for patients.

Milestones and indicative timeframes

A review of the role and functions of similar interstate and overseas organisations has been completed along with discussions with some of these organisations about their experiences & learnings. These learnings will be considered in designing the Commission.

Stakeholder engagement will commence in early 2019, including stakeholder workshops and a discussion paper.

These timeframes are indicative only and are subject to change.

Milestone Timeframe
Discovery and review of the vision, purpose & function of similar interstate and international organisations Completed
Hold discussions with similar interstate bodies about their experiences & learnings Completed
Stakeholder workshops/ Information sessions  April - May 2019
Development of discussion paper March 2019
Release discussion paper for consultation
May 2019 (TBC)

Contact details

For further information email:

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