SA Health Governance reforms

The State Government is reforming the governance of SA Health, including establishing 10 Local Health Networks (LHNs), each with its own Governing Board. These reforms will take a staged approach, with the most significant changes to take place from 1 July 2019 when the new Governing Boards become fully operational.

The reforms will support local decision making, meaning decisions about health services will be better tailored to local needs, and will deliver a safe, high quality and financially sustainable health system into the future.

The reforms require significant planning and consideration of functions, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities across SA Health. We will engage with clinicians, staff and stakeholders in this process to inform the future shape of SA Health.

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Governing Boards

More information about membership of each of the Governing Boards can be found here.

CALHN Governing Board

Members of the CALHN Governing Board were appointed on 22 November 2018

Regional LHN Chief Executive Officers

CEOs have been appointed for each of the six new regional Local Health Networks