Office for Ageing Well

Office for Ageing Well in the Department for Health and Wellbeing, aims to support older South Australians to age well through partnerships with government, non-government and community organisations.

Our priorities include recognising the diversity of older South Australians, respecting their values, and listening to their views on what it means to age well and what gets in the way. Combatting ageism by challenging negative stereotypes, and the ways ageing is framed in the language and services provided to older people. Supporting older people to feel valued, connect meaningfully and to contribute to the community in which they live.

Office for Ageing Well supports and administers two Acts:

Historically the Office for Ageing Well was known as Office for the Ageing. Its name changed on 1 February 2019 to fulfil the government’s commitment to supporting South Australians to age well and better reflect the focus of its work.

Office for Ageing Well advises and assists the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, and contributes to policy, planning and service development. We support South Australians to age well and remain active and engaged through the programs and initiatives highlighted below:

Aged Care Strategy Unit

Provides strategic advice to State and Commonwealth government about matters relating to Commonwealth subsidised aged care and the interface with the South Australian health system

Adult Safeguarding Unit

The SA Government is committed to upholding the rights of older South Australians and other adults who may be vulnerable to abuse or neglect

Ageing Well in South Australia

The Office for Ageing Well supports South Australians to age well through various policies, programs and grants

Retirement Villages

Promotes compliance, provides general advice and information about retirement villages and assists in resolving disputes

Seniors Card

This program provides members with public transport concessions, special offers and discounts

Community consultation and engagements

Office for Ageing Well includes the voices of South Australia’s older people to safeguard their rights, create age friendly communities, respect diversity and challenge ageism