Ageing Well Measuring Success Framework

South Australia’s Plan for Ageing Well 2020-2025 (the Plan) proposes a vision and forward agenda to enable South Australians to live and age well.

We can all play a role working individually and in partnership towards its priorities of home and community, meaningful connections and navigating change.

The Plan challenges the status quo, busts ageist stereotypes and considers new approaches and partnerships.

Office for Ageing Well has developed an Ageing Well Measuring Success Framework (PDF 1.1MB) (the Framework) to help understand the impact of the Plan and how we are supporting older South Australians to live well.

It provides tools to understand impact to help build transparency and accountability, develop the narrative and evidence base that supports what and how we do things, identify good practice, share learnings, and improve future practice.

The Framework is for anyone who is or wants to be part of the vision for ageing well in South Australia, to understand what success looks like, and further develop their own tools to measure their impact on the lives of older people.