Office for Ageing Well community consultation and engagements

Better together

Office for Ageing Well is committed to genuine and effective community engagement. Effective engagement with older people involves actively listening and genuinely responding to what matters to them most. It is open, inclusive and supports a dynamic dialogue between government and the community. Engagement is not only about giving older people a voice, it is about ensuring older people are valued and respectfully included in the decisions that ultimately affect them. It is about building genuine partnerships with older people to benefit them, the work that we do and the community we live in.

Better Together: A Practical Guide to Effective Engagement with Older People (PDF 4.2MB)is informed by older South Australians and will be used to grow awareness across other areas of government of how to actively include the voice of the older person in what they do.

Stop elder abuse

Older South Australians have the right to be safe and to be treated with dignity and respect. Decisions about their lives, finances, where they live, health care, lifestyle and relationships are important and older people have the right to make these decisions as they wish. Visit our Stop Elder Abuse page to learn more about your rights, the signs of elder abuse and where you can go to find more information and advice.

Planning ahead

Planning Ahead is about safeguarding your rights and taking control of your future. It means that your choices will be known and acted on if you cannot express them yourself at some time in the future. Visit the Planning Ahead page to learn more about the benefits of early planning and the various legal tools available to help secure future health, financial, legal and personal choices.

Join our feedback network

The Feedback Network provides an opportunity for older people to contribute to the development and planning of projects, and in informing research, design of products, services and policies.

To join the network and have your say, email You can opt out at any time.

Become a Seniors Card business partner

Information for businesses interested in partnering with the Seniors Card program. Join the program online and apply to advertise your business to Seniors Card members.