Statewide Clinical Networks

SA Health is re-establishing Statewide Clinical Networks to better enable collaboration on ways to improve care in the South Australian health system. The Networks will operate across the continuum of care, across private and public sectors and across all Local Health Networks.

Statewide Clinical Networks will include all interested clinicians involved in the delivery of a service across SA, led by a small steering committee of key personnel able to influence outcomes and implement changes to services as required.

Statewide Clinical Networks are currently being established in the following areas:

Expressions of interest for membership on the Cardiology Statewide Clinical Network Steering Committees are now open. Membership will include consumer representation. Information regarding Expressions of Interest for consumers is available on the Consumer Partnerships page.

Statewide Cardiology Clinical Network

The Statewide Cardiology Clinical Network is being established to improve cardiology services provided to the South Australian community.

Dr Phil Tideman has been appointed Clinical Lead for the Statewide Cardiology Clinical Network.Dr Tideman has considerable experience as a senior consultant physician with 25 years’ experience in the field of cardiology, and 35 years’ experience in the SA public health system. He is innovative in his approaches to help overcome access disadvantage for rural and remote people and their communities. He is noted for his work in developing, evaluating and sustaining the Integrated Cardiovascular Clinical Network (iCCnet).

Expressions of Interest for membership of the Network Steering Committee have now closed and applicants will be contacted in the near future.

Statewide Palliative Care Clinical Network

The Statewide Palliative Care Clinical Network aims to improve access, equity and care to South Australians requiring palliative care services. For more information including membership see the Statewide Palliative Care Clinical Network page.

Statewide Urgent Care Clinical Network

The Statewide Urgent Care Clinical Network will primarily focus on developing new care options for South Australians who need to access time-sensitive care for an injury or illness in a non-Emergency Department setting. For more information, including membership, see the Statewide Urgent Care Clinical Network page.

Statewide Cancer Clinical Network

Expressions of interest (EOI) for the Clinical Lead position for the Statewide Cancer Clinical Network have now closed.

An independent panel will now review applications and make recommendations to the Commissioner. Following appointment of the Clinical Lead, a Network Steering Committee will be established.

The Statewide Cancer Clinical Network will progress key clinical improvement work, including the development of Standards, Pathways and Models of Care for Cancer in South Australia.

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