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Emergency Department alternatives

Four Priority Care Centres (PCCs) have been established across metropolitan Adelaide to provide community-based healthcare and treatment, including diagnostic and pharmacy services.

PCCs were initially contracted by the SA Government to accept referrals from the SA Ambulance Service and hospital Emergency Departments and have subsequently been expanded to include other referrers.

We’re also improving capacity in public hospitals through the creation of more appropriate accommodation options, including:

  • Additional housing for people with a mental health disability.
  • A Transition to Home: Step Down program to provide additional short-medium term accommodation beds for NDIS eligible patients awaiting longer term supports.
  • Expanded state-wide Criteria Led Discharge to help patients return home as soon as possible.
  • Transferring metropolitan patients to peri-urban hospitals for ongoing care in times of peak demand.

Community alternatives

My Home Hospital provides home-based care for patients with certain conditions who would otherwise need to be admitted to a public hospital.

In April 2021, the SA Ambulance Service began referring patients with cellulitis, community-acquired pneumonia, kidney and urinary tract infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and deep vein thrombosis to the My Home Hospital service.

Mental Health

More alternative care pathways have been established for people experiencing a mental health crisis, including:

  • The Urgent Mental Health Care Centre in Adelaide which commenced operations in March 2021 and provides specialised mental health care and support for people experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • The Co-Responder program for mental health, implemented in partnership with SA Ambulance Service and SA Police, which supports people experiencing a mental health crisis to receive the right care in the right place.
  • The Hospital Avoidance Program, which is a new service implemented by the Central Adelaide Local Health Network to help patients with complex needs avoid unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department. This service treats up to 20 patients per day and has treated 1,200 patients since it was established.
  • A new 16 bed Mental Health Crisis Stabilisation Centre will be built in the northern suburbs.